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I sometimes use Skype to call clients and chat about their song in progress.
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Dropbox Upload. Please send your audio files and words here. Make sure you name files as follows: YOUR NAME song title.mp3, wave, pdf, word doc., etc.
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This is the style of music you would like your song to be.
Choose a current artist and their song that you would like us to shadow. We do not try to recreate or borrow from any artists. This is just for more references.
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I sometimes feel a song that we helped create might have a chance for both of us to achieve some success with. I work with a major nashville publisher who listens to work I present and represents the the music, film, and tv world. He pitches songs to Reba, Eric Clapton, HBO, and more. If you choose to agree, we would share a 50% interest in the song. I would present the song to be pitched and you still can use it as you originally intended to. If you would like to talk more about this opportunity please check below.