1.the identification of something as having been previously seen, heard, known, etc.

2.the acknowledgment of something as valid or as entitled to consideration


1.think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion. think about : reflect on


1.A decision as to future action

2.A firm decision to do or not to do something.


Marketing Overview

These are the three common types of video stages that are the road-map to a great marketing video campaign.Used in this order you will achieve better results with a quality video.We see a lot of clients come to us eager to jump right in to doing a full demo video of their service or product with out looking at a marketing strategy.

Let’s break these down into the types of videos we use to follow this path and better explain reasons why.

picture courtesy of PIXABAY

picture courtesy of PIXABAY


The first stage to getting noticed by potential customers.

A strategically placed short 30 second video that introduces your company, product, or personality. This is where you offer a small taste. Think of being given a sample of food at the grocery store or a Sam’s club at 12 noon.Yeah your hungry then of courepse and everything tastes good.Goal here is to get people to see your product and make them want to see more.Or in this scenario taste more.

picture courtesy of PIXABAY

picture courtesy of PIXABAY


Now they know who you are.But like every good shopper they want to know more about your service, product, etc.This is a very important step because as we all do, we start comparing products and doing our research on what they have to offer.Time to educate them with more branding oriented videos that have a very professional quality and provide the connection to your website or another page.

picture courtesy of PIXABAY

picture courtesy of PIXABAY


The very last step to convincing them you are the right choice over the hundreds of other competitors, is in stage 3. They have done there research and are now at the stage of making a purchasing decision.The point where testimonials, reviews, etc. need to be right there for them to find and specific to what they may be wanting to know to make that important buying decision. Your chances of success are excellent!