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A tailored song that is specific to your brand is as special as the marketing campaign it stands for. MacDonald’s uses “I’m loving it” as their catchy jingle to make you not forget them and their latest tasty bite.Having your own custom jingle or backing track can really get people to remember your message.How many can you hum right now? How bout J. G. Wentworths’s “877 Cash Now”?Helps people remember J. G. Wentworth. The main idea is to get into your potential customers heads with repetition but not to over do it.

Let me create that catchy soundtrack to your next video,



You don't have to be a songwriter.You don't have to be a singer or musician.You don't need a band. You can be anywhere in the world and have YOUR song recorded, produced, and mixed by award winning producer/songwriter David W Ruby Sr. along with some of  Nashville's finest musicians.

Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, just got more special with a song you can give to someone you love. Your words in a fully produced song 




MY SONGSMITH is of course perfect for songwriters and musicians who need a fully produced song to pitch or use for their own career. Remember this is not a demo. These are fully produced songs ready for itunes, and other social media sites. You as the writer can sing the song or we can have one of our many Nashville vocalists put the finishing touch on your masterpiece.

Again no demos here, just a fully produced song.

Included free are also 2 revisions to the song to make sure we get what your looking for musically. Extra fees apply for more changes beyond the 2 free revisions.



For Personal Use


What does MY SONGSMITH need to help write my song?

I will need your lyrics, a poem, or a demo of instrument and vocal on one of the following formats.

Formats accepted are wave files, mp3, iPhone recordings, etc. Yes even a recording of you singing in the shower will do. No video please LOL.

I will provide an area for you to send these to me along with the  music form.

How do you know what style of music I like?

When filling out the music form, You can provide me with an example of the style of music and a shadow song you want YOUR song to be modeled after. Example; 70's rock, 80's hair metal, country, pop, etc.

And a shadow of artists songs; Ed Sheeran "The Shape Of You", Blake Shelton " The Boys Round Here", etc.These will not be copied directly from the artist. We are looking for a style or flavor of music. Copy write infringement is not what we do here for respect to the song writing community and huge lawyer fees.

What do you do then?

I will then sit down and start to create a song around your lyrics or melody and keep you in the loop as I get closer to completion.This involves writing the main structure of the song. Recording individual instruments as needed using Nashville's finest musicians. I do not cookie cutter recording sessions for our clients like they practice here in Nashville. I believe each song is unique and personal. Not one giant same sounding music track divided up to other clients off one recording session. I then record vocals and begin mixing. You will receive an mp3 with this mix to evaluate before final mastering.

Is there a limit to instruments used and vocals in my song?

Yes. On checking out you will be able to select which package works for you and your expectations of your song. Choices like guitar and vocals to a full band production. 


Am I allowed to suggest any changes to my song after completed?

Yes you are allowed 2 FREE changes of parts or sections of YOUR song. Additional changes will be charged by the hour at a rate of $45 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour. 


Why is your service better than others?

I can confidently say I went through many styles of music growing up and played those styles in many a band. I find a lot of Nashville's services have producers who were either old country producers or old rock producers. They also tend to cookie cutter the sessions by having the same musicians play on a days worth of clients tracks. I do not recommend this not unless it is for a demo only.

 I also believe that you must be in the now of what the industry is producing while retaining the past musical styles ala 60's to present day to be able to create a unique sound and feel. That unique sound and feel is what you are listening to today.


What about your publishing contact and my song becomes OUR song?

Imagine going from a song you always wanted to have written to being a full fledged songwriter!

I have occasionally found a client where I create their song for them only to get so inspired that I actually write melody and music that I feel could be a song to be pitched to a publisher. Publishers like record companies do not accept unsolicited music without a lawyer or an employee to represent the music. A trusted entity. This is due to copyrights and not wanting to get sued by accidently using a song not authorized. Lots of headaches so thus the wall is built against songwriters and musicians without proper representation.


I have access to a Nashville company who has pitched songs to Elton John, Reba, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, HBO, Major Movie companies, etc. They are big sellers.

If I feel the song is worth pitching I would then do all the business work to get our creation pitched and hopefully purchased enjoying money from many sales.This is how songwriters get their start by the way.

You would still be able to use the song as you originally intended depending on the publisher's agreement.