ABOUT | David W Ruby Sr. 

Award winning songwriter David W Ruby Sr.

I am David W Ruby Sr.

Let me tell you about myself in no order.

Over 20 years producing video and creating unique lighting designs for set.

A Music Video and VPK production specialist.

Owner of a recording studio producing music and writing for artists.

Producer of documentaries and achieving awards for these.

Able to storyboard and script complete videos. Commercial shorts to marketing videos for online content. Filming and producing a commercial product.Latest for the network show Shark Tank. Other clients include: John Deere, Montel Williams, Celeste Buckingham, Radio Disney, Dennis Morgan, HBO, Bill Ham of Lone Wolf Productions, and more.

Cinematography filmmaker of Indy films.

A Musician who has played guitar for over 30 years.

A songwriter for soundtrack and composing.

A website designer, and started in the music industry running a record store.

One of my favorite memories was being in Arizona working as a studio musician and was invited to join B B King onstage. That was a true honor.

Now? I am truly honored to join you on this adventure.

Look out world!!




I started MY SONGSMITH because I believe everyone has a song in them just waiting to come out. Whether you have a few words scribbled on a napkin, a full set of lyrics, a recording of you singing and playing a guitar or piano, or even a poem you wrote for your wife that you felt would make a perfect song to give on your anniversary. I will help make this a fully produced song for you to enjoy and be proud of for the rest of your life. YOUR song, a reality. The best part is you don't have to be a musician, a songwriter, or even live in a music city. We come to you via the good ole internet with the experience and the tools. How cool is this. Years back you would have had to travel to a bigger city to achieve just the recording part.

I truly appreciate you trusting me to help make this dream a reality.My goal is to make people happy and I extend my hand to you.