ABOUT | David W Ruby Sr. 

Award winning songwriter David W Ruby Sr.


my passion for everything video is pretty obvious.

But my passion for being a musician started when I was a mere 6 years old. I used to listen to my brothers records when he wasn't home and his records help develop me into a songwriter in the end. I can play drums, guitar, bass, some keyboard, and a mean computer. ; )

Oh, and I can sing.

I was given a gift to be able to hear pitch well which is either a good thing or a curse when you hear an out of tune singer or instruments. I played in bands for many years and did some session work and enjoyed working in recording studios, recording many mid west bands. Now living in Tennessee? I find so much inspiration that I am writing melodies  every day here. The landscape is so beautiful. The weather. My family. It is all here.

And you.





I started MY SONGSMITH because I believe everyone has a song in them just waiting to come out. Whether you have a few words scribbled on a napkin, a full set of lyrics, a recording of you singing and playing a guitar or piano, or even a poem you wrote for your wife that you felt would make a perfect song to give on your anniversary. I will help make this a fully produced song for you to enjoy and be proud of for the rest of your life. YOUR song, a reality. The best part is you don't have to be a musician, a songwriter, or even live in a music city. We come to you via the good ole internet with the experience and the tools. How cool is this. Years back you would have had to travel to a bigger city to achieve just the recording part.

I truly appreciate you trusting me to help make this dream a reality.My goal is to make people happy and I extend my hand to you.