"Send me your lyric, melody line, or rough mix.

I will send you a fully produced song and a FREE* lyric video"

David W Ruby Sr.


  • You have a song you just wrote
  • You have the lyrics and melody


  • You record it on your phone, a computer, anything you can find to capture this musical nugget


  • You send off to publishers. artists. and a few labels
  • They reply that they would like to hear it as a finished song with full instrumentation


  • Today's music industry has new rules
  • They only accept polished radio ready demos
  • You don't have thousands of dollars to record this gem
  • Now What!

Here is a great example of a song that was vocal and guitar.

Shaniah wanted to go more pop so I took this straight to the pop machine.


An example of only having lyrics for a rap style song

for a beauty pageant titled "BELLA". I went for a happy but sad feel

that reflected the lyrics of feeling down about yourself

and then empowering the beauty you have! BELLA!

I can produce a radio ready song from your lyrics, a melody, or a rough demo for a fraction of the cost of other studios. Most studios will wait to start recording your song till they have enough writers to record. Then bring in musicians to record everyone's music which ends up like a long playing record.Cookie cutter songs that sound the same. Not creative at all. On top of this? They charge more than most by tough-ting a producer that was relevant back in the sixties or late seventies. This is 2017 folks.You need a great song and great production relevant to today's music. This will attract the publishers, artists, and labels. This is what they want. Here are a few benefits to help you succeed using my service.


  • Price. A fraction of the cost compared to other studios.
  • Your very own producer/ multi musician of over 20 years.
  • Your song becomes a reality. 
  • A radio ready song to pitch or promote yourself.
  • Seasoned Nashville musicians.

*SPECIAL BONUS for first 100 clients.
Now for the extra kicker that others don't have.................I also offer my musical clients a FREE lyric video for their first song produced by me.
Yep you heard that right.
A lyric video is a great tool to put on YouTube and many writers have had their music sold to big tv networks for over $5000. Music videos are the best way to promote you as an artist as well as an EPK that sells you 24-7. More tools to stand out a head above the rest.
Ready to get started?  Just hit the button below and send me a copy of your song. I will listen and call/text/Skype you to discuss the style of music you are hearing. After a 50% deposit is received the process begins. 

Send an SOS NOW!!!

Oh it doesn't quit there.

I also offer my mixing engineer services for full bands as well along with many other hats.

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