I have been a musician and a songwriter for over 30 years. I played my first club gig at 16 years old with the consent of the local police chief. I then toured the midwest performing along side RATT, WARRANT, and GREAT WHITE. Studio work in Arizona leading to an onstage appearance with B B King was another great event in my life.Oh yes and my uncle also played in Lawrence Welks orchestra back in the day. Whew! Not bad eh?

Well enough about my history.

I was gifted with an ear where I can tell the key of any song just by listening. This gift helps me to write arrangements in my head as well as help others find that hook or melody line their looking for.

I would love to help you write the music you need for your songs. I can arrange, record, and produce a demo in my personal studio.

Let's write some great music!!



Let me help your film stand out with a cinematic soundtrack that will fit your budget and get your viewers jumping out of their seats. Having all the latest sound fx and the right orchestrated musical

arrangements will take your film to the next level.

See you at Sundance!