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Welcome to my blog


Music related, wedding related, business related.

Here is where we have fun and highlight some awesome moments and also educate about what we do at Ruby Media Services.

Have fun!

By David Ruby, Jun 12 2017 05:03PM

Pinched nerve in neck and back over 2 weeks now. Arm goes numb and feels like you can't lift anything. Crazy. Will know next treatment by next week, hard to work because it only hurts when sitting down. Work must go one though. Onward and up!!

By David Ruby, Jun 12 2017 04:59PM

Sorry for my absence. It has been a long couple of months. First I had to build a new recording studio with pictures to come. Second we have been working for many great companies around nashville getting their artists looking and sounding great. So much more is in the works with a few other partner deals and another HBO pilot and documentary to film. I will keep it rollin and postin as I go. Tommorrow? Iron Maiden and GHOST at Bridgestone Arena. Pre father's day tix! I am there!!

Oh yeah Vince was at the Celebity Softball on saturday.. Great to see him.

By David Ruby, Mar 23 2017 03:15PM

Ok I am just now finally getting some down time very well needed here. I have a few things to post later today to show you why the absence from the site and blog. It's all good stuff. Some of it has to do with this guy down below.

David Ruby Guitar
David Ruby Guitar

By David Ruby, Nov 29 2016 04:21PM

The Basement in Nashville, TN is going to be rockin with this gal. We will be filming her set to be added to her VPK as well as some studio shots.

Gonna be epic. Will Gustufson is doing some guitar work for her so it will be smokin!!

7pm at the Basement Tuesday the 29th!

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